Acorn Ant / Temnothorax


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Common Name: Acorn Ant

Scientific Name: Temnothorax

Length: 2mm (Approx.)

As seen in the picture above, Acorn Ants get their name because they sometimes nest inside of Acorns and other small pre-formed cavities. Temnothorax is a very small Genera of ant, consisting of 7 species, and distributed worldwide. Temnothorax are generally found in the forest or other wooded areas. Specifically the Acorn Ant is called Temnothorax Curvispinosus, but all species in the Genus are fond of making their nests in really tight spaces. The Acorn Ant is a hardy species of ant, and can survive for long periords of time without much food or sustenance. These ants do not make large colonies, and usually have fewer than a hundred workers.