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How to Treat an Ant Sting

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Sting ReliefThe first thing to do is remove the ants. Many species of ants clamp onto the body with their mandibles. Handpicking may be the only way to get these ants off, if they have clamped down on your skin. You can try brushing them off but they may be clamping on. Remove your clothes as quickly as possible if they have gotten inside.


Keep your arm or hand elevated to minimize swelling, if it is your feet or legs, hurry to get them elevated. Wash the affected area with soapy water to reduce the chances of infection. A Fireant sting forms a blister or putule and should not be opened. It is sterile and should be left to dry up and eventually flake off.

Home Remedies for Stings:

As with all home remedies we cannot gaurantee their success. I have not personally tried every remedy listed here so I cannot vouch for all of them. Some may work better than others, but I included them all because some relief is better than none when dealing with a "sting". If you are uncomfortable with home remedies and prefer medication, there is some over the counter meds listed below.

Warning do not mix amnonia and bleach. This will make toxic fumes. Do not mix any household chemicals unless you are sure. As with all stings, if a severe reaction happens seek medical attention immediately. Severe reactions can include nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty swalling, dizziness, unusal swelling, slurred speech, excessive sweating.

Treatment 1

Place a cool compress on the affected area. This will help to reduce swelling, alleviating the itching and numbing the itch. You can make a home made compress by placing ice in a plastic bag, then wrap a towel around the bag of ice. Antihistamines and hydrocortisone creams bought over the counter can help with the pain and itching.

Treatment 2

Take some tobbacco and wet it down till nice and juicy, rubbing it between your fingers. Apply the whole wet poultice to the sting area, cover with a bandage if you wish. Rewet the poultice, if the sting is still bothersome. You can also just squeeze the tobacco juice onto the sting. Tobacco has antiseptic properties to it. Keep some tobacco in your first aid kit.

Treatment 3

Take some baking soda and mix with water, making a thick paste. Apply generously to sting.

Treatment 4

Saturate a cottonball with straight amnonia

Treatment 5

Dabbing the sting sting with a cottonball sturated with diluted bleach

Treatment 6

Apply Benzocaine to deaden pain and prevent infection

Treatment 7

Mix some baking soda with water making a thick paste, along with some anti itch lotion with 0,5 g. of menthol and 1 g. of camphor can be very soothing especially if refridgerated.

Treatment 8

Apply straight white vinegar


Medications for Stings:


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