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Do Ants Bite or Sting?

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ant biteAll ants can bite, but not all can bite humans, their mouth are much too small. All ants have mandibles or jaws, biting for defense and for gathering. Some ants sting venom. Some ants secrete or spray formic acid.

 Ants are in the oder of Hymenoptera like bees and wasps. Most females ants have venom and many have a stinger developed from the ovipositor, (their egg laying part). Many ants with venom do not have stingers. These ants make use of a number of ways to wipe, spray or rub the chemicals. The formicine ants is a large sub group of ants, that make use of acidopore. The acidopore is a  round nozzle at the tip of the abdomen used for spraying formic acid. Many formicines have hairs around the acidopore to direct the spray. Spraying is very effective against small rodents and enemies and prey but generally goes unnoticed by humans.

 Ants that sting

  • Bullet Ant- Believed to give the most painful sting of any ant, some scientist believe the most painful sting of all
  • Fire Ant- Also known as red ants, ginger ants, tropical fire ants
  • Black Fire Ants - not as aggressive as the red version
  • Asian Needle Ant- A sting that can cause an allergic reaction in many people
  • Red Harvester Ant- Found in Southwestern US, favorite food of the horned lizard (horny toad)
  • Bullhorn Acacia Ant- Live inside the large thorns of the acacia tree


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