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Ant Shopping

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Ant Farm

Ant Farms

A wide selection of many ant farms. A great educational and fun item for any age. Many of our ant farms work great top for a desk top gift.

ants 1998

Ant DVD's & Movies

Fun family friendly movies and educational documentaries about ants.

the bugosphere

Ant Toys

Ant themed toys for people who love ants. Stuffed animal ants, games about ants, fake plastic ants and more.

the ants

Ant Books

A collection of books about ants to help you learn more about them. We have fun books, research books, and books about science projects you can do with ants.

buy live ants

Live Ants and
Ant Farm Supplies

Get live ants for your ant farm.

live animal kits

Exotic Pets and
Live Animal Kits

Ants aren't your thing? Perhaps you would like a ladybug kit, a venus flytrap, or a tadpole terrarium. We have many other live insects and pets to choose from.

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